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Module 11 – Montessori Cosmic & Peace Education


This premium quality, colored, and highly illustrated manual covers up the eleventh module of our Distance Montessori Early Childhood (3 – 6) Diploma  Program which is related to Montessori Cosmic and Peace Education Exercises. Prior to buying this manual, you should be enrolled in Montessori Pakistan’s distance Montessori Early Childhood (3 – 6) Diploma Program. Look for more information about the training program on our website.



Module 11 – Montessori Cosmic & Peace Education

This manual explains how to introduce Cosmic & Peace Education to young children. Dr. Maria Montessori advocated that the child should be made aware of the fact that all things in the universe are interconnected and true peace emerges when they all work in harmony. She believed that the spiritual development of the child is more important, and considered it to be the ultimate goal of her educational system.




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