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Module 1 – Montessori Early Childhood (Preschool) Diploma (3 – 6)

4,000.00 per 30 days

Single Manual Plan:

Buying this manual enrolls you into Montessori Pakistan’s distance Montessori Early Childhood (3 – 6) Diploma Program. The first manual includes 1000 admission fee. The remaining eleven modules will be sent to you one by one every month at Rs. 3000 each.


SUBSCRIPTION FOR 4 weeks, 2 days


Single Manual Plan

The total fee for the course is Rs. 36000 tuition fee + Rs. 1000 admission = Rs. 37000. At the first payment of Rs.3000 course fee + Rs. 1000 admission fee, one out of 12 manuals are sent. A maximum of 1 month time is allotted for the submission of the assignments. Having finished the first module, next one can be requested with the payment of Rs. 3000 every month and so on. 


Additional Examination and Certification Fee



 PMC Examination and Certification (Mandatory)

 Rs. 2000

 To be paid at the time of final assessment.

 SDC Examination (Optional)

 Rs. 3000

 To be paid if want to apply for additional optional SDC Examination and diploma.  



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