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School Affiliation / Organizational Affiliation

– Free Montessori Training
– Free Curriculum Guidebooks
Free Rs. 50,000+ Montessori Material (discontinued)
… and much more

Pakistan Montessori Council (PMC) started its School Affiliation Program in 2007. Since then hundreds of schools have benefited from its valuable services.

Under this program, PMC welcomes any Montessori school, Montessori organization, or any other Montessori-related business anywhere in the world to be an affiliated member.

As recently as 2006, the world at large was celebrating and honoring Dr. Maria Montessori for a hundred years of establishment of Montessori methodology of education. However, as sad as it may seem, the Pakistani schools, in general, are still ignorant of this highly successful and internationally acclaimed system of education.

Our survey, conducted in 2007, reports that most schools want their pre-school sections to convert from conventional to Montessori but fail to do so.

The main problems/hurdles included:

  1. the cost of equipping schools with Montessori material is beyond the reach of many aspirant schools.
  2. the expensive nature of Montessori training keeps administrators from getting their teachers trained in Montessori methodology.
  3. unavailability of curriculum guidelines and any supporting organization pushes schools to stick to their conventional instructional methods.

This has impelled PMC to develop a comprehensive program of School Affiliation for new and existing Montessori centers which want to start with Montessori or convert from conventional systems to Montessori system of education respectively.

Benefits of Affiliation

Following are the ten great benefits of the Affiliation with Asian Montessori League.

– FREE Training of 2 (two) teachers of the affiliated school in Montessori methodology, a benefit worth Rs. 24,000/-
Provision of 36 items of Montessori material worth Rs. 50,000+ given FREE to every PMC affiliated school (provided through the courtesy of Peace Education Foundation), annual repairing of the provided material is also done FREE of cost. (This benefit has been temporarily discontinued and held valid for affiliations before March 2013).
– Certificate of Affiliation / Membership from Pakistan Montessori Council.
– Excess to the member area of our website, where you get access to premium member content.
– Discount on training programs and conferences.
– Listing your school/organization on our website.
– Introduction to Montessori and Classroom Guidebooks.
– Rights to use our member logo on school stationery, promotional material, etc.
– Human resource, expert/technical, and online resources support.
– Discount on the purchase of Montessori material.
– Periodic publications including articles on Montessori latest news about the works of PMC.

We look forward to the support, dedication, and commitment of every Montessori-loving individual and institution aspiring to promote a better and peaceful tomorrow through the introduction and implementation of Montessori method of education.

School Affiliation / Organizational Affiliation Fee

PMC charges a very nominal annual fee for its School Affiliation Program. You can pay annually, biannually, or triennially according to your convenience. Paying for the long term get you discounts as shown in the table below.


 Online Method

Select your affiliation term plan. Click on the button next to it, add to the cart, and complete checkout. 

School/Organisational Affiliation Fee for one year
Rs. 50,000
Affiliate Online Now
School/Organisational Affiliation Fee for two year
Rs. 65,000
Affiliate Online Now
School/Organisational Affiliation Fee for three year
Rs. 80,000
Affiliate Online Now

Offline Method

Call our toll-free helpline 0800-45555 and order PMC Affiliation Application Forms. Send completed forms to our address. 

Pakistan Montessori Council,

Plot 58, Street 12, New Bani Gala Greens,

Qasim Avenue, Bani Gala Islamabad.

Post Affiliation Process

Schools and organizations need to go through a step-wise procedure after joining PMC.

Step 1: The authorized person at the schools completes the attached “Organizational Affiliation/Accreditation Form” and sends the forms to the nearest PMC office along with a bank draft of the fee (according to the selected affiliation term) in favor of Pakistan Montessori Council, Islamabad. The fee and the forms can also be deposited directly in the nearest PMC office or our bank account.

Step 2: The affiliation certificate is granted to the affiliated school. The school is added to the listing of member schools on our website. The school now can use PMC member school logo on its stationery and other advertising material along with the phrase “Affiliated with Pakistan Montessori Council (PMC )”.

Step 3: Check out PMC’s upcoming 20 Days Montessori Training Workshops Schedule (click here) and send two teachers to any workshop as per convenience for 20 days training workshop free of cost.

Step 4: With the help of the trained teachers and online and offline resources provided by PMC, the affiliated school starts to enjoy the affiliation benefits. The affiliated school is now on its journey toward becoming a true Montessori school.

Step 5: The school may opt to join additional PMC’s School Accreditation Program. The school may request PMC’s School Accreditation Guidebook, containing all the international standards and guidelines to achieve excellence in Montessori.

School Accreditation Program

Joining PMC’s school affiliation program is the first step toward achieving school accreditation. With the help of the Self Accreditation Guidebook along with our services and resources, the school begins its journey towards achieving the international standards and criteria set by the world’s renowned Montessori organizations. This self-improvement process is fun and the results will improve greatly.

Having achieved the set goals, PMC can be requested to inspect the school. If the minimum criteria are met, the school is awarded the accreditation certificate, which means the school truly becomes an international standard Montessori school. The accreditation process includes some additional costs, related to inspections and will depend on various factors. During the accreditation process, PMC’s support would be available through several means.

Note: It is important to mention that the word “COUNCIL” in Pakistan Montessori Council does not refer to the commonly assumed meaning in Pakistan i.e. “Regulatory Authority” but to its literal origins where it refers to a group of equals who sit together to seek solutions to problems or to pursue the same cause. PMC is a private venture and is not to be confused with a government body.

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