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School Affiliation / Organizational Affiliation

– Free Montessori Training
– Free Curriculum Guidebooks
Free Rs. 50,000+ Montessori Material (discontinued)
… and more
Pakistan Montessori Council (PMC) initiated its School Affiliation/Membership Program in 2007, which has since provided valuable services to hundreds of schools. Under this program, PMC extends a warm invitation to Montessori schools, organizations, and businesses to become affiliated members.

Despite the global celebration of Dr. Maria Montessori’s centenary in 2006 and the international recognition of the Montessori educational method, many schools in Pakistan remain unaware of its success and acclaim.

A 2007 survey revealed that while most schools express interest in transitioning to Montessori, they encounter challenges in doing so.

Key obstacles include:

  1. – The high cost of acquiring Montessori materials, which exceeds the budget of many aspiring schools.
  2. – The expense associated with Montessori training, deters administrators from enrolling their teachers in Montessori methodology courses.
  3. – The lack of curriculum guidelines and organizational support, leads schools to adhere to conventional instructional methods.

In response to these challenges, PMC has developed a comprehensive School Affiliation/Membership Program tailored to the needs of both new and existing Montessori centers. This program assists schools in either commencing with the Montessori system or transitioning from conventional educational approaches to the Montessori system.

Benefits of Affiliation

Here are the ten valuable benefits of affiliating with the Pakistan Montessori Council:

  1. – FREE Montessori Methodology Training: Enjoy complimentary training for two teachers from your affiliated school, valued at Rs. 24,000.
  2. – Montessori Material Package: Receive 36 Montessori materials worth over Rs. 50,000, courtesy of the Peace Education Foundation. Additionally, benefit from free annual maintenance for the provided materials. (Note: This benefit is temporarily on hold for affiliations after March 2013).
  3. – Certificate of Affiliation/Membership: Obtain official recognition with a certificate from the Pakistan Montessori Council.
  4. – Access to Premium Member Content: Gain exclusive access to the member area of our website, featuring premium content.
  5. – Discounts on Training Programs and Conferences: Enjoy reduced rates for training programs and conference attendance.
  6. – Online School Listing: Showcase your school/organization on our website for increased visibility.
  7. – Montessori and Classroom Guidebooks: Receive informative guides on Montessori and classroom management.
  8. – Use of Member Logo: Utilize our member logo on your school stationery and promotional materials.
  9. – Expert Support: Access human resources, technical expertise, and online support for your educational initiatives.
  10. – Discounts on Montessori Material Purchases: Benefit from discounted rates when purchasing Montessori materials.
  11. – Periodic Publications: Stay informed with periodic publications featuring articles on Montessori and updates from PMC.

We eagerly anticipate the involvement and dedication of Montessori enthusiasts and institutions in fostering a brighter and more peaceful future through the implementation of the Montessori educational approach.

School Affiliation / Organizational Affiliation Fee

PMC charges a very nominal annual fee for its School Affiliation Program. You can pay annually, biannually, or triennially according to your convenience. Paying for the long term get you discounts as shown in the table below.

Online Method

Select your affiliation term plan. Click on the button next to it, add to the cart, and complete checkout. 

School/Organisational Membership Fee for one year
Rs. 50,000
Affiliate Online Now
School/Organisational Membership Fee for two years
Rs. 65,000
Affiliate Online Now
School/Organisational Membership Fee for three years
Rs. 80,000
Affiliate Online Now
Offline Method

Call our toll-free helpline 0800-45555 and order PMC Affiliation/membership Application Forms. Send completed forms to our address. 

Pakistan Montessori Council,

Plot 58, Street 12, New Bani Gala Greens,

Qasim Avenue, Bani Gala Islamabad.

Post Affiliation Steps

Montessori-inspired schools embarking on the journey with PMC follow a structured process:

Step 1: Application Submission: The designated representative from the school completes the “Organizational Affiliation/Accreditation Form” provided and submits it to the nearest PMC office. Along with the form, a bank draft of the applicable fee payable to Pakistan Montessori Council, Islamabad, is enclosed. Alternatively, fees can be deposited directly at the PMC office or through the designated bank account.

Step 2: Affiliation Confirmation: Upon receipt and processing of the application, the school is issued a membership certificate. It is then listed as a member school on PMC’s official website. The school gains the privilege to display the PMC member school logo on its stationery and promotional materials, along with the acknowledgment phrase “Affiliated with Pakistan Montessori Council (PMC) or PMC Member School”.

Step 3: Training Workshop Enrollment: The school is should explore PMC’s upcoming 20 Days Montessori Training Workshops Schedule. Two teachers from the school are eligible to attend any workshop of their choice, free of cost, for a comprehensive 20-day training session.

Step 4: Implementation of Affiliation Benefits: Equipped with trained staff and supplemented by online and offline resources provided by PMC, the affiliated school begins to realize the benefits of affiliation. It sets off on the journey towards establishing itself as a true Montessori school, guided by PMC’s support.

Step 5: Optional School Accreditation: Should the school aspire for further recognition, it may choose to enroll in PMC’s School Accreditation Program. By requesting PMC’s School Accreditation Guidebook, the school gains access to international standards and guidelines, facilitating its pursuit of excellence in Montessori education.

School Accreditation Program

Becoming a part of PMC’s school affiliation program marks the initial stride towards obtaining school accreditation. Armed with the Self Accreditation Guidebook and bolstered by PMC’s support and resources, schools embark on a rewarding journey towards aligning with the esteemed standards and benchmarks set by prominent Montessori organizations worldwide. This process of self-improvement is not only enriching but also yields remarkable outcomes.

Upon accomplishing the predefined objectives outlined in the guidebook, schools may opt to invite PMC for an inspection. Upon meeting the stipulated minimum criteria, the school earns the prestigious accreditation certificate, signifying its status as an internationally recognized Montessori institution. While there are additional costs associated with the accreditation process, such as inspection fees, these vary based on several factors.

Throughout the accreditation journey, PMC remains a steadfast source of support, extending assistance through various channels to ensure a smooth and successful transition towards accreditation.

Note: It is important to mention that the word “COUNCIL” in Pakistan Montessori Council does not refer to the commonly assumed meaning in Pakistan i.e. “Regulatory Authority” but to its literal origins where it refers to a group of equals who sit together to seek solutions to problems or to pursue the same cause. PMC is a private venture and is not to be confused with a government body.

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