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Pakistan Montessori Council (PMC) serves as a Montessori consortium under which individuals and schools interested in Montessori, Montessori related businesses and educational institutions / organisations can work mutually for the promotion of Montessori system in Pakistan.

Note: It is important to mention that the word "COUNCIL" in Pakistan Montessori Council does not refer to the commonly assumed meaning in Pakistan i.e. "Regulatory Authority" but to it's literal origins where it refers to a group of equals who sit together to seek solutions to problems or to pursue the same cause. PMC is a private venture and is not to be confused with a government body.

Pakistan Montessori Council (PMC) aims to promote the teaching methodology and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in Pakistan with the collaboration its members. We support and encourage existing schools to adopt Montessori Method as well as encourage individuals and businesses to start true Montessori schools by facilitating them with consultancy, staff recruitment, materials and teachers training programs. Those who wish to contribute to our endeavour can join PMC as a an Individual Member or Organisational Member.

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