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Module 5 – Montessori Early Childhood (Preschool) Diploma (3 – 6)


This premium quality, colored, and highly illustrated manual covers up the fifth module of our Distance Montessori Early Childhood (3 – 6) Diploma  Program which is related to Montessori Mathematics Exercises. Prior to buying this manual, you should be enrolled in Montessori Pakistan’s distance Montessori Early Childhood (3 – 6) Diploma Program. Look for more information about the training program on our website.



Module 5 – Montessori Mathematics Exercises (Part 1)

This manual aims to train you to use Dr. Montessori’s amazing range of Montessori Math materials, which surprise the expert mathematicians even today. The number rods, sandpaper numbers, spindle boxes, and number cards and counters teach children counting, identification, and association of quantities and numerals till ten using concrete materials. Then, the exercises in the decimal system group, normally done with golden bead material and corresponding number cards, take children to enriched concrete experiences, in addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Alongside, exercises in linear counting group enable children to count in till a hundred and then one thousand.


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