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20 Days Montessori Early Childhood (3 – 6 Years) Teachers’ Training Workshops (Regular)

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Timing: 2:00 pm  to 06:00 pm

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Inexplicably Great Events

Our 20 Days Montessori Teacher Training Workshops and Webinars are regarded as life-changing events. Anyone can join from anywhere straight from a mobile or a desktop computer. They are excellent for boosting up your professional career as a Montessori teacher, as well as help you greatly in life as a parent and will help later as a grandparent. We highly recommend it to anyone who loves children and wants them to develop into great citizens of the world.

Years of experience and extensive use of technology allow us to cover the entire Montessori Early Childhood (3 to 6) curriculum. We begin by discussing the fundamentals and the philosophy of Montessori Method. Having covered the basics, we introduce the trainees to each and every material and relevant exercises in all curriculum areas. This is done;

(1) by giving access to exclusive Montessori training videos related to each material.

(2) by offering online practice with Montessori materials.

(3) through live interaction with well-trained Montessori master trainers.

(4) by offering the best technical support possible.

These are webinars (online workshops) like no other. New topics are covered every day along with making new friendships and social connections. Check out great reviews from our existing students on our facebook page.


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