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We offer Online Montessori Training Programs, School Affiliation and Montessori Materials

 Montessori Training Diplomas (Online / Postal)

Most importantly, choose to learn either online or offline from the convenience of your home. Upon enrollment you get premium quality training manuals. Moreover, you get access to our online learning system and videos. Furthermore, you get 20 Days Free Montessori Workshops and online tutors. Read more...


20 Days Montessori Workshops

These life changing events are offered free to our Distance Montessori Diploma Students. They provide one to on interaction with trainers and hands-on practice with materials. Apart from our diploma students, any interested candidate may join these events against a nominal fee. Read more...

School Affiliation with Pakistan Montessori Council

PMC aims to promote Montessori system in Pakistan. We believe that this is only possible with the collaboration and participation of Montessori schools and passionate individuals. Therefore, we support our affiliated schools with expert Montessori advice, staff, resources and Montessori training programs. Read more...

Montessori Classroom Materials & Resources

Now, you can buy exceptional quality Montessori classroom materials with just a click. Firstly, our materials are manufactured with extreme care with high grade non toxic raw-materials, using state of the art machinery. We ensure that each material accurate in dimensions, durable, non-toxic and highly attractive. Buy Now...


We have build awesome Montessori courses for your learning

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You will find our Training Manuals, Videos, Online Learning Management System and Support better than any other Montessori institute in the world...


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Master Trainer (Online Studies)



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  • 5 star review  Pakistan Montessori council is an excellent institution for montessori training of teachers We were taught in a very healthy and peaceful enviornment leared a lot .Our teacher is a very nice person who has full command over his profession (Sir Faraz Qamar) I have a very good experience learing from this institution.I am proud to be a part of it and i wish more and more successful years ahead ....

    thumb Gul Amin

    its a gud platform for ppl learning art n letting learn art in a new way!👍😊

    thumb Ayesha Ashraf

    I had a fabulous time with wonderful people..... PMC's teaching techniques and method & content is magnificent. I would recommend it to you all coz it's not only going to be helpful in your career but also would help you as a parent. (It is not just for ladies it's for men too 😊)

    thumb Maria Shifa
  • 4 star review  I've learnt a lot in this workshop. It is very helpful to all those people who don't want their children to be crushed by the harsh schooling systems in our country, and provides an opportunity to those who want to successfully home-school their kids. It also provides opportunity to open our own school where fulfillment of children's developmental needs is the main priority.

    thumb Farah Zahra

    4 star review  Fakhra kulsoom :this is so informative. i learn alot and i had a great experience.thank u dear sir faraz qamar.

    thumb Hurr Abbas

    5 star review  Hi everyone. We need Montessori trained teacher. For details kindly contact 03339486101 Regards Coordinator Ms Sumera Skans School System

    thumb Sumera Sheikh
  • 5 star review  I m taking this course this is superb..I love it. Highly recommended.

    thumb Shees Mughal

    5 star review  It's a excellent experience doing course in Pmc it has a lot of learning and great informations it is a great opportunity to learn and grow in the field of teaching and education and big thanks to sir sajad and ma'am Roshni they are great trainers ever.

    thumb IshAni Khan

    5 star review  My name is Sadia Azam.Roll number D-12208.I found the workshop very informative.I have learned a lot.Mam Roshni is very cooperative n nice .I like it very much.

    thumb Sara Khan
  • 5 star review  I would like to thank everyone involved at PMC for designing such a great course Diploma in Montessori. The course content is in a league of its own. The content, the delivery (through blended learning and a variety of learning methods) and the professionalism, variety and experience of all the tutors has made it both an enjoyable and an inspiring course. Personally, I have found PMC to be a progressive, inclusive and transparent organisation and I am glad I am a part of it.

    thumb Hannan Ali Raj

    5 star review  my name is haleema sadia my ROll No. is D-12480 i have completed my 20 days workshop at PMC , it was great experience overall the courses contents and teachers they all are awesome i recommend everyone to join PMC its the best institute

    thumb Haleema Sadia

    4 star review  I am Tahira Tasneem from HAZRO CITY. Throughout my educational carrier, this is one of the effective courses, I have ever experienced in such many ways, having versatile nature of teaching, pragmatic methodology, figure out the symptoms of child psychology, divulge and unfold vibrant didactic techniques. I am confident that if we teachers are zealous to deliver what we have learned, then the fallout would be remarkable in way of success and will bring prosperity, too. I am extremely grateful to miss Roshni and sir Sajjad for their contributions and endeavours for making this event interesting and fruitful. I wish to imitate them in my teaching. In the last but not the least, PMC is playing a vital role in promoting Montessori teaching and conducting such a vivacious work shops across Pakistan.

    thumb Mohammed Zeeshan
  • 5 star review  i m rabia ishtiaq my roll no is w3938 i attend the 20days workshop its really very affective workshop i learn more information that how to treat a baby . i know this workshop make my life successfully insha Allah thanks PMC and mam ROSHNI thanks alot

    thumb Rabia Ishtiaq

    5 star review  the workshop was very informative and have learnt a lot of knowledge from it..... The coaching was excellent.. I have found the teachers very intelligent having complete knowledge of the subject and possessing brilliant method of teaching.They were very devoted and cooperative. Shagufta Hafeez D12362

    thumb Anaya Gull

    15 years in pakturk inter national School

    thumb Zish Waqar
  • I want to learn more about the students

    thumb Ammara Ammara

    i am a teacher at day care nd learning school

    thumb Sadia Ali

    5 star review  I joined the workshop just to learn abt montessori method of teaching. The workshop experience was great and was so informative that i joined diploma course now. Recomending the workshop to mothers of infants and toddlers specially. You will enjoy parenting indeed after this.

    thumb Sumaira Faisal
  • 4 star review  Quratulain I have attended " 20 days workshop of montessori teacher training & Class and school management/ english spoken class" conducted by Master trainer. Mr Qamar Faraz in peshawar at Allied school hayat abad campus peshawar. It is very informative and fruitful. Sir Qamar faraz enhanced our confidence level in spoken class and also enhance our physical appearance in public and private. Thank you Sir you r very Great.

    thumb Afnan Hanan

    5 star review  Great experience with great PMC staff... Ms. Roshni and Sir Sajjad is doing a great job for the betterment of our future kids. Bravo!!!! Thumbs up!!!!

    thumb Almira Kamran

    5 star review  I learn a lot from pmc workshops

    thumb Zainab Syed
  • 5 star review  The PMC 20 days workshop are outstanding, I learned so many things and they polished my skills.it was a good experience with Ma’am Roshni and Sir Sajjad. They are very cooperative and always ready for help and guide students, Thanks to both of you, Madiha shireen D12109

    thumb Madeha Shireen

    5 star review  I am the student of pmc..had a great experience of learning with sir irfan sir sajjad..

    thumb Sobia Naz

    5 star review  Roll no D12564 Ezzat shahzad !!! Pmc is sooooooooooooooooo excellent institute of Montessori !!! Staff of pmc are sooo friendly !!! Specially mam roshnii !!!! She is soo pretty and cool !!! Her way of teaching way of talking are sooooo attractive !!!! The degree of pmc institute is many meaningful then other institutes I loved it !!!! ������������

    thumb Aayat Shahzadi
  • 5 star review  I found the workshop very informative and have learnt a lot of knowledge from it which I am sure will be very helpful in my career building .The coaching was excellent.. I have found the teachers very intelligent having complete knowledge of the subject and possessing brilliant method of teaching.They were very devoted and cooperative.

    thumb Samia Anwar

    5 star review  Life changing experience... sir sajjad and ma'am roshni are great teachers...

    thumb Lubna Shahzad

    very good organization lovely

    thumb Beya Pari Beya Psri
  • 4 star review  Rabia Bibi: w-3765 We had such a great time with Ma'm roshni and Sir Sajjad, and the whole staff was very cooperative. I've learnt how be patient while dealing with kids. It was a memorable experience, I won't forget what I've learnt here.

    thumb Rabia Shah

    5 star review  This was the excellent experience of my life.I have learnt alot from PMC workshop. PMC workshop is very informative and fruitfull for all PMC workshop student . Trainer of PMC are so co0perative and highly qualified ... Ridailyas. Roll # D-11915

    thumb Rida Ilyas

    5 star review  Amazing Experience Sir Sajjad and Mam Roshni are the best teachers in the world�I never forget these days that spend with Sir and Mam����

    thumb Aqsa Abbasi


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Our distance Montessori Training Programs are regarded as the best in terms of recognition, convenience, cost-effectiveness and training resources including the training manuals, videos, online learning management system and the tutorial support.

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