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20 Days Montessori Training Workshop, Chakwal

14,000.00 per 20 days

Date: 09 Mar – 31 Mar 2020

Venue: The Oxford City School, near Virtual University, Pindi road, Chakwal

Timing: 2:00 pm  to 06:00 pm

SUBSCRIPTION FOR 2 weeks, 6 days


Inexplicably Great Events

Our 20 Days Montessori Workshops in Chakwal and all other cities are the regarded as life changing events. They are excellent for boosting up your professional career as a Montessori teacher, as well as help you greatly in life as a parent and will help later as a grandparent. We highly recommend it to anyone who loves children and wants them to develop into great citizens of the world.

Years of experience and extensive use of technology allows us to cover up the entire Montessori Early Childhood (3 to 6) curriculum. We begin by discussing the fundamentals and the philosophy of Montessori Method. Having covered up the basics, we introduce the trainees to each and every material and relevant exercises in all curriculum areas. This is done;

(1) by giving access to exclusive Montessori training videos related to each material.

(2) by providing related Montessori materials to have hands-on practice.

(3) by making experienced and well-trained Montessori trainers demonstrate and teach the right techniques.

These are workshops like no other. We accept every participant to work very hard and try to bring the best out of them in these twenty days. New topics are covered everyday along with making new friendships and social connections. The involvement of trainees is so intense that some cannot even hold back their tears on the final day.

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Our distance Montessori Training Programs are regarded as the best in terms of recognition, convenience, cost-effectiveness and training resources including the training manuals, videos, online learning management system and the tutorial support.

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