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Montessori Early Childhood Preschool / Kindergarten 

(3 to 6) Diploma Program (online / postal)

Govt. Recognised Diploma 

New Course 2018




Montessori Pakistan is proud to launch its new updated International Montessori Diploma Program 2013, which is the product of years of concentrated efforts by the experts of MP. The course now consists of 12 fully coloured manuals, which are highly illustrated and superior in design and quality to any other Montessori course material available in the world. We believe that this is, by far, the most up-to-date, comprehensive, convenient and cost effective distance learning course in Montessori teaching available anywhere in the world, which also leads you to an authentic certification. 

We are sure that at the completion of the course our diploma holders will be equipped with the necessary skill and knowledge to teach in the pure Montessori way. You may either join an existing school as a trained directress/director or start your own House of Children and/or Home-School your children while being a great mother or a father.

About Our Training Programs

Our distance Montessori Training Programs are regarded as the best in terms of recognition, convenience, cost-effectiveness and training resources including the training manuals, videos, online learning management system and the tutorial support.

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