We take your privacy seriously and are committed to protect your personal information. All communications between our clients and our office are held strictly confidential. Any personal information received will only be used for our office records. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

Your credit card information is required, if you enrol in one of our programs or order curriculum materials online. All orders are processed by secure google checkout and we do not even come to know about it. 

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Montessori Training Manuals

You get 12 premium quality, fully coloured and highly illustrated Montessori Preschool / Kindergarten (3 - 6) training manuals.

These manuals have been specially designed according to the modern principles of distance education. We are sure that they will prove to be wonderful teaching resources for your entire life.


Montessori Training Videos

Once enrolled you get access to more than 25 hours of HD training videos including presentations with Montessori materials and video tutorials by expert Montessorians during the free 20 days workshops. You also get online access if you enroll as a foreigner or overseas Pakistani.

Video presentations for all curriculum areas including Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography, Botany, Zoology, History, Science Experiments and Handwork have been made available.


Online Tutorial Support

You will be assigned online tutors to whom you will have unlimited access throughout your training program. You can contact your tutors in our online support center at any time on skype, viber, email or conventional telephone. Our tutors are experienced Montessori educators and trainers who will personally assist you in any area related to your course. 

The contact details of your tutors are given in the Online Support Center Information Letter sent along with your course material.